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My wife is the original Mrs. Clause. We spend two days putting up the decorations which include animated dolls, several small artificial Christmas trees, a real Christmas tree and other electrical decorations that must be turned on and off each day. Last year I found a cost effective easy solution to turning all the items on and off with just the push of a button. And the product is very useful any time of the year! It is great for turning off several lamps before or after you go to bed.

Here is how it works. Each package includes a very small wireless remote and three to five receivers. Plug a receiver into a wall outlet and then plug the lamp into the receiver. You can also plug a normal multi-outlet adaptor into the receiver to handle more than one lamp. While the remote can “see around corners”, it works best when is can see the device (line-of-sight).

You can find these products on Amazon. Last year I bought three of the three outlet Stanley 31164  packages and am very happy with my choice.  However, for the price I would consider the new $34 package that will control 5 outlets. To find this product on Amazon click here.  When on the Amazon site always check the More Buying Choices box on the right side for additional prices.

Good luck!

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